There’s not much to do in the way of gardening, but Stephen’s making sourdough and our year’s supply of marmalade.

Unlike jam, where all you have to do is weigh your fruit, add an equal weight of sugar, and maybe a strip of lemon peel, marmalade is a two-day process. Yesterday he peeled off the peel, put the pith in muslin, and is steeping the whole lot overnight. Today there was fine-slicing of peel, boiling up for a couple of hours, removal of pith bag (eugh), adding the sugar, and ladling into the waiting jars.

That should keep me going.

I love bitter marmalade more than any jam, and so we need about two-dozen jars for the year. I will try to pace myself, but generally guzzle it. In October I have to move on to the strawberry, raspberry, damson, gage, apricot, peach and blackcurrant jams, which are also delicious, but lack that bitter edge.


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  1. bcparkison says:

    Do you know about Jan Karon’s Mitford Orange Marmalade cake. Oh my goodness…Good!

    1. Ali says:

      No, but I will look that up. Sounds yum.

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