Lazy Poolside Photos

In previous years on holidays I have taken a lot of photos of our children jumping and diving into the pool, performing various comedy falls into the pool, synchronised swimming routines, and balancing piles of inflatables and trying to climb on top.

This year, there was a lot more serious swimming going on.  Perhaps because they are reaching an age where they see the benefits of exercise.  Perhaps because the pool wasn’t deep enough to dive into, and there weren’t so many inflatables.

I love the sound of children messing about in a pool.  It is one of my favourite sounds.  I don’t really like swimming myself.  Last year I managed to string a couple of days together where I might have swum twenty lengths.  This year I barely managed two.

Most of my poolside activity involved reading, and enjoying the sounds coming from the children.

As you can see, I didn’t really move from my sun-lounger!  These photos are all taken from the same reclined position.  But they do capture the feel of the poolside from my perspective.

The shimmery, wavy light from the pool.  The sound of a big breath being taken, and then silence.


That lovely hot smell of cotton and beach-towel that has been baking in the sun, with a touch of sun-cream and pool water.


Abandoned flip-flops, fading from being constantly slipped on and off.  Their rubbery smell, and their squeak.


Gasps and barely-heard snatches of conversations as the children come up for air.


Holiday reading, with perhaps a few crinkled pages where a child has dripped.


And when you’ve screwed your eyes up too much to read in the sunlight, looking out across the pool into the garden beyond, and the blue blue sky.


Maybe the pool is just calling for a little dip.


Will I look back on these photos in the depths of winter and feel a little of the sunshine and warmth?

It is so hard to imagine weather that is different from that we are experiencing right now.  Perhaps a reminder of the specific sights, smells and sounds will take me right back?

What are your favourite sights, smells and sounds from holidays?

I am with this blog to share the sensory pleasures from being outdoors and in the garden.  With the summer holidays being over it is easy to feel a little flat.  But there are plenty more wonders out there.  I would love to show you what is wonderful right now, through autumn and into winter.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. I also like the sounds of kids playing in the pool. Perhaps because it’s a place of such enjoyment for them that there are rarely tears and they play with each other and rarely fight or boss each other around. That’s special.

    On a personal note, I’m so grateful for your supportive comments. You helped me to cope with my feelings yesterday. Thankyou.

    1. Ali says:

      I’m so glad. Be kind to yourself: you deserve it. X

  2. Aww this is making me miss being on holiday! I had my honeymoon this year and it was the best holiday ever! I absolutely adore being up before anyone else and being with the early sunrise. On our honeymoon my husband and I would take a little walk to the beach with some strawberries and pastries and that’s how we would do breakfast. It’s just amazing. Smells wise – sun cream, new clothes, new perfume & so many different flowers. Lovely post, gorgeous photos!

    1. Ali says:

      That breakfast sounds lovely.

  3. I like the way you evoke the sounds. You really take us there

  4. bcparkison says:

    Have always wanted apool in the back yard. There is just something about water

  5. You are such a good photographer. I always love looking at your photos. You have a beautiful way of focusing in on what’s important, which of course, is at the heart of good photography. My favorite sights from this summer are the luscious vibrance of trees and all of the new flowers I noticed. Like Hibscus!

  6. Eliza Waters says:

    Your photos will be fond mementos of your holiday, perfect for pulling up on a cold, dreary day in December when you are starved for sunlight.

  7. Love the photos, Looks like your children had fun and you had some time to relax and leave them too it.

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