I love watching any type of bee, but bumblebees are especially endearing. Especially when they dive nose-first into a flower and tip up their furry bums.

Low-Impact Days

Not every day can be dynamic. Some days you don’t tick anything off your to-do list. Some days you just need to lie in a little patch of sunlight.

Shine On

Sometimes life is stormy and we get tossed around. Here is five minutes of calm to help you get through. Find your sunlight, and Shine On.

Do Dogs Feel Remorse?

Can a dog express remorse? Can a dog feel guilt? Read Ruby’s confession and help me decide whether to forgive her.


I wrote a post last Sunday called From Screen to Green which was all about ways to entice children away from their devices into the garden. My two daughters had just returned from Australia that morning. I always encourage them to spend time outdoors on the day they return, as daylight can help to re-set the…

Thugs’ Corner

I have been meaning to post for a while about the area of our garden known as ‘Thug’s Corner’.  This is the planting area along the fence which separates my flower garden from Stevie’s allotment. Really, its peak in prettiness is early June, when it looks like this: The Geranium magnificum then goes over, and…

Moody Blues

When I wrote the title of this post, it was because of the colours of the flowers, and the overcast conditions.  I got about this many words in, and tried to add images, and that is when my woes began.  I couldn’t upload any images.  I switched between laptop and phone, I used up my…

Boing, boing, boing!

I just thought I would share a moment with Zig.  This video expresses the essence of Ziggy. It also expresses how I feel at this time of year.  The hedgerows are effervescing with hawthorn and cow parsley.  The birds are burbling and chittering and pulling up great juicy worms.  There are beetles, bugs and butterflies…