10 Thoughts on New Growth

How is it, when all the others are much bigger, much stronger, more colourful, more showy… how is it that the humble little snowdrop is the bravest of all?

The Eminent Em and Anne

This post is an homage to my No.1 favourite planting combination in my garden. It is also a celebration of strong women supporting one another, celebrating one another, and giving one another a leg up.

I’m not beautiful. I’m feisty.

This is a quote from my step-daughter.  To give you some context, we were having a discussion about someone being beautiful. ‘Like you.  You’re beautiful.’ ‘No I’m not.  I’m feisty!‘ I love this.  I love that she chose feistiness over beauty.  She is feisty.  And beautiful.  But she chose to identify as feisty. When I…