8 Ways to Reduce your Use of Plastic

I have been on a quest to reduce the amount of plastic I use and throw away (see What’s your plastic footprint?). If anyone needs a reminder why, then may I invite you to watch this 2 minute clip from the recent BBC documentary Drowning in Plastic? I am sorry that this clip is distressing. …

Raspberries and Roses

A post about acceptance. The seasons are gently changing. Growth is slowing down, and with this there is a joy in noticing each new bloom. Autumn is a comfy chair. Better to sink in to it, and take what it offers.

Grottos and seafood

An exploration of the very different colours and textures of the Gironde. Chalky whites and greys are the background to bright splashes of colour from Oleander and Hibiscus, with the wonderful blue shutters popping up in the background.


Regular readers will be aware that last weekend I was engulfed by a) envy and then b) admiration for Sarah Raven at the Perch Hill Open garden. Some of her style seems to have rubbed off on me! I should say that I am possibly the least glamourous person in the world.  I don’t wear any jewellery…