Yoga, meditation, gardening. They fulfil the same function. Flow, connection with myself, connection with the universe. A free flow of giving and receiving. Being alive; feeling alive in every cell of my being, being alive to nature.

Full Blast

The bright border is at its midsummer zenith!


There is one thing I love gazing at more than flowers. Baubles.

My Top 10 Colour Combinations 2018

These are my Top 10 colour combinations of 2018. Chartreuse and magenta? Vermillion and Violet? Fuchsia and tangerine? You saw it first on The Mindful Gardener!

Pure Envy

Sarah Raven is the reason I am so obsessed by flowers.  Anyone who has her catalogue plop through their door will know why.  I love visiting her garden at Perch Hill, but walking around, I feel more than a little envy. I am totally envious of this fence. Oh. Dahlia envy. More. As you wind…

Cook little pot, cook!

My cutting patch is reminding me of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ and I have forgotten the magic words to make it stop!
I review my top-performing annuals and cut flowers this year, including Dahlias, Zinnias, Scabious, Nicotiana, Nigella and Cosmos.

Into the Jungle

My mum and I went on an expedition to the jungle. We didn’t fly there.  We drove there in a little red mini. We went unprepared, without a mosquito net or insect repellent.  But we were wearing plenty of sun-cream. We’d set out for Great Dixter.  The expedition leader (me) failed to check whether it…

Club Tropicana

Let me take you to the place Where membership’s a smiling face Brush shoulders with the stars Where strangers take you by the hand And welcome you to wonderland From beneath their panamas Club Tropicana, drinks are free Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone All that’s missing is the sea But don’t worry, you…

A Rainbow of Roses

I wondered what it would be like to pick one each of all of my roses to compare their colour, size, texture and scent.  I got a but carried away. OMG, it was fun! All roses are David Austin English roses, unless otherwise stated (in brackets). The Plum-Purple Ones It is interesting to see the…


As this week has been our children’s half-term holiday, we travelled Up North to spend time with family in Yorkshire. On the way, we stopped off in The Peak District. I have been exposed to hiking since I was little, but never particularly valued it until I was a student at University in Leeds. Every…