About Me

Centaurea montana 'Jordy'I live deep the Kent countryside, UK, with my partner and our small collection of children and dogs.  I grow the flowers, whilst Stevie grows the fruit and veg.

I aim to pack as much colour, texture, scent and movement into my garden, to enable us to enjoy the sensory delights and earthy pleasures throughout the seasons.  I have a particular fondness for tulips, peonies, roses, geraniums and dahlias.

I have practised yoga for many years, but my brand of mindfulness is a very free-and-easy one.  It often entails gazing at a flower or bee, listening to the birds, or smelling or tasting things we’ve grown.  I love the feeling of flow: snipping and training and digging and weeding; being immersed in the wonder-filled world of the garden.

Sorry about the hose in the photo below.  It was the only photo I could find of me actually doing garden stuff.