Full Blast

The bright border is at its midsummer zenith!

Tuscany Superb: The Most Romantic Rose of All

It is one of my favourite sensory pleasures to hold the impossibly soft and tender rose in one hand and snip its bristly stem with the other. The petals are softer than anything I know: peach fuzz, babies’ bottoms, duck down: they are nothing to this rose. The spent flower fits perfectly into my hand. Its petals may suddenly let out a silent ‘oh!‘, let go of their calyx all at once. They drop into my waiting bucket, with a flurry of petal confetti. and glorious rose perfume.

Layers of Loveliness

I generally plant roses and herbaceous perennials in groups of three. This gives each variety a presence in the border: their flowers are in sufficient number to make an impact. I like the way they form clear hummocks, like hills, through the border. Their outlines remind me of a child’s drawing of overlapping hills.


This peony is mouth-watering. There is a lightness to intersectional peonies. Where herbaceous peonies are taffeta and tulle, intersectional peonies are a swishy silk skirt on bare legs.

Fit to Burst

The best buds of all are the oriental poppies. They wear thick woollen tights, but silk knickers beneath. This one is about to burst its breeches.


A post about fragility, being gentle, and holding on.


Nature has many different solutions to the problem of how to get a flower pollinated. This post explores the diversity of flower forms, with cups, plates, trap-doors, bells, umbels and more!


As the world turns, the light is changing.  I am an early riser, and if I get up at 5am, I wake up to a gentle dappled light which dances against the curtains and invites me outside. But by 6am, the bread machine beeps, and Ruby knows it is time for breakfast.  She nuzzles me…

Moody Blues

When I wrote the title of this post, it was because of the colours of the flowers, and the overcast conditions.  I got about this many words in, and tried to add images, and that is when my woes began.  I couldn’t upload any images.  I switched between laptop and phone, I used up my…


I indulged myself.  I bought a macro lens. I’m not one to read instructions, and that’s good, because this camera came with NO instructions.  Well, very basic instructions.  So it is going to take a lot of button-pressing and dial-twiddling before I work out what I can do. This is what I did after work…

Just Peachy

I thought I would devote a post to my peachy roses.  These are all David Austin English roses.  Because they, frankly, are the best. These roses have surprised me.  I did not expect to love them quite so much.  I have always been a crimson-purple kind of a girl.  But it turns out I have…

Pillowy Billowy

Peonies.  I love peonies.  There is no other flower you want to nestle into and actually go to sleep on. These are my favourite peonies for pillowy billowiness. ‘Barbara’ has been the queen of my rose garden this week. Peony ‘Barbara”Barbara’ exudes competence and confidence.  She knows how to be a peony. Peony ‘Barbara’ with…