Time for change

It is almost time to let go. To accept that summer is gone. This is a post about taking what is good, and looking ahead. There is so much to do.


A post about appreciating soft, subtle colour. Lilac, white and sage, with a hint of buttermilk and a flash of deep purple. Sometimes it is good to slow down and appreciate the quiet.

Letting them fly

I get like this. You see I have looked after these babies since March. I remember when they were just a twinkle in a Chiltern Seeds Spring catalogue. I scattered their tiny shuttlecock seeds, and made sure I didn’t sneeze at the wrong moment. I pricked them out so carefully, holding them by a leaf…


Regular readers will be aware that last weekend I was engulfed by a) envy and then b) admiration for Sarah Raven at the Perch Hill Open garden. Some of her style seems to have rubbed off on me! I should say that I am possibly the least glamourous person in the world.  I don’t wear any jewellery…

Cook little pot, cook!

My cutting patch is reminding me of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ and I have forgotten the magic words to make it stop!
I review my top-performing annuals and cut flowers this year, including Dahlias, Zinnias, Scabious, Nicotiana, Nigella and Cosmos.