The best roses for foliage

The poppies and peonies will be here soon. For now, I will sit here drinking my coffee, appreciating the twinkling from the rose foliage.

Tuscany Superb: The Most Romantic Rose of All

It is one of my favourite sensory pleasures to hold the impossibly soft and tender rose in one hand and snip its bristly stem with the other. The petals are softer than anything I know: peach fuzz, babies’ bottoms, duck down: they are nothing to this rose. The spent flower fits perfectly into my hand. Its petals may suddenly let out a silent ‘oh!‘, let go of their calyx all at once. They drop into my waiting bucket, with a flurry of petal confetti. and glorious rose perfume.

A breath of fresh air

Today we were joined by my fabulous step-daughter, who is with us for four weeks.  She helped me choose the photos for this post, and chatted to me throughout.  So there might be some weird sentences as I accidentally type random words from our conversations. Here is the view from the table. The light coming…

The Oldies

The David Austin English roses have been getting a lot of my attention, but I shouldn’t forget where it all began.  Many of the Plush, crimson English roses have Gallicas in their heritage. I grow three Gallica roses, ‘Charles de Mills’, ‘Tuscany Superb’ and ‘Sissinghurst Castle’. I grew ‘Charles de Mills’ at my old house.  Here…

A Rainbow of Roses

I wondered what it would be like to pick one each of all of my roses to compare their colour, size, texture and scent.  I got a but carried away. OMG, it was fun! All roses are David Austin English roses, unless otherwise stated (in brackets). The Plum-Purple Ones It is interesting to see the…