Like with life, the garden is always in a state of flux. Nothing stays the same for long. There is always something new, always change.

Spring Cleaning

Edging the lawn is not my favourite garden job. I don’t like anything that involves keeping to a straight line. I am a wobbly sort of gardener.

10 Thoughts on New Growth

How is it, when all the others are much bigger, much stronger, more colourful, more showy… how is it that the humble little snowdrop is the bravest of all?

Contentment vs. happiness

My daughters are at an age when there are lots of comparisons.  Clothes, make-up, phones, grades, ‘likes’… Acquiring such things can bring happiness.  But does it bring contentment? Happiness is a short burst, and generally comes from something external.  Someone praises your work.  You get 300 followers on social media.  You click ‘buy’ on your…