The Mystical Oaks

The sun is just lifting free of the horizon. I move towards the light…


The veins of leaves and the networks of bare branches remind us of our own connection with the Universe. We are all interlaced. We are all important.

Twinkle Twinkle

We tend to focus on colour in autumn, but it is also a change in form that I notice. Leaves thin out, filtering sunlight. Each leaf is holding on by a thread. They spin on their stalks, catching the light. It is like the garden is strung with fairy lights.

Six Simple Acts of Kindness for your Roses this Autumn

Roses are like people. They can manage with very little. But with a few little acts of kindness, they will richly reward you next summer with more blooms, strong growth and resistance to disease. Here are five simple acts to show that you care.


It is May Day today, and in celebration, the sky decided to dress itself in blue.  It goes rather well with the green of lush growth at this time of year. We agreed to say nothing more about the wind and rain yesterday.  Forgive and forget. It’s May! There was a light frost, and I…