Looking on the bright side

The day didn’t start off promisingly.  Rather than a luminous dawn, it was murky and dank.   I awoke to the drip-drip of rain coming in through the leaky bedroom window. Even the dogs were unenthusiastic about going out into the garden. This bench has never looked less inviting. No one wants to come out…

Amethyst and Amber

There was a strange light in the garden at sunrise this morning.
The sky was a moody lavender with clouds of mulberry. There was a ribbon of warmest apricot near the horizon.


Autumn is frippery and frills. Autumn is gewgaws and jewels, catching the light. It is burnished bronze and polished mahogany. All these riches, if we are minded to see them.

Twinkle Twinkle

We tend to focus on colour in autumn, but it is also a change in form that I notice. Leaves thin out, filtering sunlight. Each leaf is holding on by a thread. They spin on their stalks, catching the light. It is like the garden is strung with fairy lights.

Lazy Days of Summer

This has been a good summer. The hot days have stretched on and on and on. I’ve been wishing we had a porch and a rocking chair. On the weekends I have been getting my gardening jobs done before about 10am, and then it is time for a Sat Cap (Saturday Cappuccino) with Stevie.  Then…

The View from a Sunlounger

Stevie and I had Saturday evening to ourselves. This is the view from our sunloungers. We’re sitting under the lime tree, which Stevie has cunningly pruned so it has an umbrella-like canopy. In fact, like a living yurt.  If we sit in the shade, we can look through its hanging fronds. We debated going out…

Peach Fuzz

Sssshhhh…  I have to say that very quietly because even the words p-e-a-c-h f-u-z-z give my daughter the icks. This is another installment in my bud fest.  If you want to catch up, here are the previous exciting episodes: Early Birds, The Dawn Chorus and Bursting Buds, The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Beautiful Swan and Cauliflorescence! We have a good…


I am indebted to the lovely Jane from Jane’s Mudgee Garden for the title of this post.   ‘Cauliflorescence’ describes the phenomenon of a flower producing blossoms directly from the tree’s trunk, which is what the Judas Tree is known for. Do you want to see it? Here it is closer up.  The flowers are pea-like, but if…