The Mystical Oaks

The sun is just lifting free of the horizon. I move towards the light…

A Rimy Morning

Mist simultaneously closes in, and creates distance. It disorientates, and makes the landscape appear what it is not. Islands appear in a sea of mist, and birds start out of nowhere.

The Emotional Landscape

There is something about walking together. The rhythmic pounding and arm swinging.  You fall into step and emotionally attune to one another.  There is nothing forced about it; it just happens.

Meadow Update: Survival of the Fittest

Back in February I had the bright idea to plant a mini meadow around the four apple trees I ambitiously refer to as an ‘orchard’.  It was of course the wrong time to do this.  Autumn is the best time, as you can sow Yellow Rattle to weaken the grass and so give wildflowers a…