The Mystical Oaks

The sun is just lifting free of the horizon. I move towards the light…

Sleeping Beauty

We are in the inbetween-time, waiting for signs of life…

Amethyst and Amber

There was a strange light in the garden at sunrise this morning.
The sky was a moody lavender with clouds of mulberry. There was a ribbon of warmest apricot near the horizon.


As we pass into winter, we have to appreciate the little things. The bright and shiny baubles, the trinkets, the gewgaws. All that glisters. All that twinkles, and reflects the light.

The Emotional Landscape

There is something about walking together. The rhythmic pounding and arm swinging.  You fall into step and emotionally attune to one another.  There is nothing forced about it; it just happens.


It is May Day today, and in celebration, the sky decided to dress itself in blue.  It goes rather well with the green of lush growth at this time of year. We agreed to say nothing more about the wind and rain yesterday.  Forgive and forget. It’s May! There was a light frost, and I…

The Greening

Something magical is happening.  Right now, as we speak.  Maybe metres away from where you’re sitting. Can you hear it? I expect it crackles, just a little bit. It is the buds bursting.  One by one by one. In February there were tremulous catkins quivering, palest green and yellow.  It was easy to miss them. …