The Gift of Frost

It is at the interface between living thing and the outside world where the magic happens.

Looking on the bright side

The day didn’t start off promisingly.  Rather than a luminous dawn, it was murky and dank.   I awoke to the drip-drip of rain coming in through the leaky bedroom window. Even the dogs were unenthusiastic about going out into the garden. This bench has never looked less inviting. No one wants to come out…


Autumn is frippery and frills. Autumn is gewgaws and jewels, catching the light. It is burnished bronze and polished mahogany. All these riches, if we are minded to see them.

Still Singing!

We’ve had storms, frost, thugs and entanglements. Against the odds, we’re still singing!

Shine On

Sometimes life is stormy and we get tossed around. Here is five minutes of calm to help you get through. Find your sunlight, and Shine On.


The light in September is soft. Rosa ‘Roald Dahl’ is like melting butter. The greens are sober: sage and jade. They provide the perfect foil for the fewer flowers in the rose garden.


A post about fragility, being gentle, and holding on.

Peach Fuzz

Sssshhhh…  I have to say that very quietly because even the words p-e-a-c-h f-u-z-z give my daughter the icks. This is another installment in my bud fest.  If you want to catch up, here are the previous exciting episodes: Early Birds, The Dawn Chorus and Bursting Buds, The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Beautiful Swan and Cauliflorescence! We have a good…


I am indebted to the lovely Jane from Jane’s Mudgee Garden for the title of this post.   ‘Cauliflorescence’ describes the phenomenon of a flower producing blossoms directly from the tree’s trunk, which is what the Judas Tree is known for. Do you want to see it? Here it is closer up.  The flowers are pea-like, but if…

The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Beautiful Swan

For the last couple of weeks I have been bud-watching.  You can see these posts here: first Early Birds, and then The Dawn Chorus and Bursting Buds. On Friday evening, this is how Stevie and I inspected the trees, accompanied by evening sun, a glass of wine each, and the smell of the barbecue.  It was the…

The Dawn Chorus and Bursting Buds

A week ago, I wrote a post called ‘Early Birds’ about listening to the dawn chorus.  Well this morning I had the foresight to take my phone with me so that I could record it. Here is an excerpt.  The soloist could be a thrush, given the tendency to repeat the same line two or three times,…

Early Birds

This morning I woke up with the dawn chorus.  I am naturally an early bird, and at this time of year, I wake at exactly the right time to witness this spring wonder.  I decided to go out into the garden in my dressing gown for ten minutes or so, just so I could listen…