An Act of Faith

Gardening is an act of faith. Most of what you are doing is going to take a while to come to fruition. Whether it is sowing seeds, planting bulbs, taking a cutting, even pruning…you have to have faith that your actions are going to lead to something good.

Dig Deep

This has been a rough old autumn.  Not because of the weather, but because of the political climate.  Never have I been more affected by news stories (see Direct Action). The personal has most definitely been political. So where do I seek refuge?  You guessed it! There is nothing like a spot of digging to…

A Warm Welcome

When we moved into this house, there was a double row of lavender up the path to the front door.  In late June it was a cloud of colour and scent, nose-high, positively abuzz with bees.  This created some distress for very small visitors and those with a stinging insect phobia, but was rather lovely….

Bimbo bites back

Gladioli are the most flamboyantly fantabulous of all the summer flowers.  I love their gay abandon, their razzmatazz, the thrill, their carnivalesque, cirque-du-soleil, loud-and-proud, uncompromising joie-de-vivre. Gladioli are easy-peasy to grow.  Plant the corms in late spring, about 15cm deep and 10cm apart.  They like good drainage, so add a handful of grit to the planting hole,…