There is one thing I love gazing at more than flowers. Baubles.

Gardening helped me clean the house!

An experiment into whether I can bring a growth mindset to housework. I enjoy the movement and the sensory pleasures of ‘garden cleaning’. Could this be harnessed for house cleaning?

Reach out and touch me

I have been talking recently about sensory aspects of gardening, with colour and form.  Today it is the turn of texture.  Specifically, flower texture. When I was a child, I liked fluff.  I remember staying in a hotel one night and having an incredibly fluffy blanket.  I kept pulling off bits of wool all night and in…

From Screen to Green

We’re halfway through the summer holidays in the UK and I wonder how many households are having arguments over screens? If left to their own devices my children would spend hours in front of a screen.  As I would have done at their age.  And did, in fact, with the telly. Screen-time can be creative…

Learning to play again

Can you remember when you were last really absorbed in a task? When you lost yourself in the pleasure of carrying out one step, and then another?  Worries floated away as you just focused on the job in hand. This is flow. Children generally achieve flow very easily. They will arrange buttons or stones just…

A Winter Walk

This morning Stevie suggested we go for a walk over the snowy fields before it all melts away. We tracked animal footprints, spotting lots of different-sized birds, rabbits, foxes, possibly a badger, possibly a deer. We admired the partly-frozen river and the undulating snowdrifts along its banks. There were gnarly oaks:. And blue blue sky….

Turn your mardy-bums into lardy-bums!

I am becoming bird-obsessed. I’ve noticed our regular visitors getting a little bit fractious in the extreme arctic conditions.  There have been minor skirmishes through to full-on dive-bomb explosions. Feathers have flown. The blackbirds have been downright peevish, at times sitting on the fat-balls to stop anyone else getting a look-in.  The goldfinches seem to…