The Emotional Landscape

There is something about walking together. The rhythmic pounding and arm swinging.  You fall into step and emotionally attune to one another.  There is nothing forced about it; it just happens.

Will this post calm me down?

Understanding the basics of Sensory Integration can help us plan a garden that can have calming areas, to balance the alerting areas. There are also some tips for calming yourself in a stressful situation, using the principles of Sensory Integration.

The Walk to the Boulangerie

We have just returned from a holiday in France.  I got into a habit whilst we were there of walking to the Boulangerie for bread and croissants each morning.  Before anyone else was awake. I woke up at about seven, pulled on my clothes oh-so-quietly, made a cup of tea oh-so-quietly, and crept across the…


Many of my favourite plants come from South Africa.  They are incredibly useful in my bright border, where they like the full sun, tolerate drought, and, most importantly, provide late summer colour. Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is probably the most dramatic.  It may not flower for as long as helenium, or rudbeckia, or echinacea, but its sculptural…