Spring at Sissinghurst

When I am photographing plants, I often favour my macro lens in order to capture the details of flowers. Today I made a conscious decision to use a different lens in order to capture the bigger picture. I enjoyed playing around with angles so that I could capture detail in the foreground, but give a sense of space and perspective in the background.

Salvia Salvation

Sissinghurst in October is a gentle place. There is space for quiet contemplation and restoration of the spirits.

Sissinghurst in fine form

I think it has been four or five weeks since I visited Sissinghurst.  This is unprecedented.  It has just been too hot to do anything other than languish in the shade of my own garden. But the temperature temporarily dipped, so I could move again. The castle is being engulfed by planting. That’s the built…

“What incomparable lavishness…”

“what incomparable lavishness they give…There is nothing scrimpy or stingy about them.  They have a generosity which is desirable in plants as in people.” Vita Sackville-West, on old roses June is my favourite month.  It feels like summer.  The colours in the hedgerows have undergone a subtle shift from the lime-green of early spring, to…