Brave Little Blossom

For just a short while, they will open their petals, expose their hearts and share their gifts. They will be rocked and buffeted. They will sing, weep, laugh, give, receive, learn.

A Certain Flair

There are some rather wonderful words for describing the shape of a flower’s stigma. ‘Plumoso’ describes a feathered shape. ‘Lobado’ describes a lobed shape. There is conicoid (conical), discoide (disc-shaped) and con pelos (with hair). I would describe a crocus stigma as plumoso. Lucky crocus.

A Gallery of Geraniums

I have a bit of a thing for hardy geraniums.  Since buying a Macro lens, I have been able to photograph them closer up, and rather than exposing any flaws, it has revealed more wonder. Take my most favourite of all, ‘Anne Thomson’. In case anyone wants a quick biology refresher: The female reproductive organs…