Joy before Jobs

I was just lugging the hoover upstairs when I noticed there was a strange light. Through the window I spied this. Hang the housework, I had to get out there!

Low-Impact Days

Not every day can be dynamic. Some days you don’t tick anything off your to-do list. Some days you just need to lie in a little patch of sunlight.

Twinkle Twinkle

We tend to focus on colour in autumn, but it is also a change in form that I notice. Leaves thin out, filtering sunlight. Each leaf is holding on by a thread. They spin on their stalks, catching the light. It is like the garden is strung with fairy lights.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Sunlight is transformative. Petals and leaves become translucent and their network of veins are revealed. The fine down on stems and buds are illuminated. Sunlight is a transitory and elusive quality in the garden. Which is perhaps why it is so magical.

The View from a Sunlounger

Stevie and I had Saturday evening to ourselves. This is the view from our sunloungers. We’re sitting under the lime tree, which Stevie has cunningly pruned so it has an umbrella-like canopy. In fact, like a living yurt.  If we sit in the shade, we can look through its hanging fronds. We debated going out…

Full of Charm

Earlier this week I posted What a Whopper! which featured the gargantuan Peony ‘Red Charm’.  Now it is the turn of her more demure cousin, ‘Coral Charm’. The flower bud has been tantalising me for weeks.  It is part of the peony’s allure that they start tickling your fancy in about March. Their crimson shoots are…

The Evening Light

This evening it was just me and my youngest daughter for dinner, as my eldest is living it up in Paris, and Stevie was not home from work.  We have been able to eat outside each evening: summer has begun. Younger daughter has been indulging me this Chelsea week, by watching the footage of show…