The Gift of Frost

It is at the interface between living thing and the outside world where the magic happens.

Sleeping Beauty

We are in the inbetween-time, waiting for signs of life…

Looking on the bright side

The day didn’t start off promisingly.  Rather than a luminous dawn, it was murky and dank.   I awoke to the drip-drip of rain coming in through the leaky bedroom window. Even the dogs were unenthusiastic about going out into the garden. This bench has never looked less inviting. No one wants to come out…


As we pass into winter, we have to appreciate the little things. The bright and shiny baubles, the trinkets, the gewgaws. All that glisters. All that twinkles, and reflects the light.

The Emotional Landscape

There is something about walking together. The rhythmic pounding and arm swinging.  You fall into step and emotionally attune to one another.  There is nothing forced about it; it just happens.

A Winter Walk

This morning Stevie suggested we go for a walk over the snowy fields before it all melts away. We tracked animal footprints, spotting lots of different-sized birds, rabbits, foxes, possibly a badger, possibly a deer. We admired the partly-frozen river and the undulating snowdrifts along its banks. There were gnarly oaks:. And blue blue sky….

Turn your mardy-bums into lardy-bums!

I am becoming bird-obsessed. I’ve noticed our regular visitors getting a little bit fractious in the extreme arctic conditions.  There have been minor skirmishes through to full-on dive-bomb explosions. Feathers have flown. The blackbirds have been downright peevish, at times sitting on the fat-balls to stop anyone else getting a look-in.  The goldfinches seem to…


We were VERY excited to wake up to snow this morning.  School was cancelled and it looked like it was going to be difficult to get a car out.  These are a few pics from our walk down the lane.  It was so quiet!  The only sounds were the crump of snow as we walked,…

Making the most of the morning commute

I get to drive all over Kent for my job.  Given that much of Kent is pretty stunning, this is no bad thing.  There are sweeping views over fields and chalk downs, winding worm-holes through woodland, coastal roads looking out over the sea, and misty, magical marshes, which used to be under the sea. The other…